Leafy Bones

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Student shopping list

Remember you're well skint
but treat yourself to a pint
then a pill
and a designer duvet,
as long as I'm going
I'll keep buying till I feel comfortable enough to
not look so dodgey in your shop,
even though I've been here 10 times before
walking the floor
for the non-brand noodles.
Stash the rest for tonight,
have a glass of pinot
and just a drag
get yourself some crisps-
maybe a large glass.
I'll have a shot but I hate them
I'll do a line but it does nothing for me
I'll buy this now because I can't quite remember if I have it in this colour,
and by the way I'll have another
whiskey and coke,
make it a double and diet-
3 times lucky as long as you don't get stuck in the hole
Don't eat- get a donnar
don't eat- don't eat- don't eat.
And a pen-
make it a nice one and a plastic one,
you'll only break one up for the shoot.
Remember we've got to be quiet,
SCREAM and laugh
and laugh and scream
and go and see these doctors about those recurring dreams,
get twelve extensions
and 1 with every meal,
slice them nice
ring your fella
go back and grin
you're nice and thin
and fat and fat and fatten you up
we're better-
never gone, just another
and another
and keep smiling
Itch it now it'll be like chicken pox,
just keep laughing
and you'll be dandy.

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