Leafy Bones

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Little Riding

It niggles the gelatine bit,
tilted lids and slightly bit lower lip.
If I were to-
it would never end,
one moment delirium
is my larger,
the next I can't handle
a half.
Leave/ stay
I daren't.
So long distilled solitude
and your unrefined path,
I cannot care
but you pump the liquid so neatly
it's best to stick to the levelled cement,
ride out the wolfy.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


For something a bit more light hearted...

Xylophone player I wanted tin

drums, triangle, piano piece not
glockenspiel mahogany.
ma-harmony two
brown or red sauce?
Penny feat jaws
everyone stay in doors
till it thaws
but its your heavy footed
ing lips,
I got up to.
Hard little cupids
gently pull me out the snow,
making angels till my hair drips
from the exhaustion
of loving in the living
flesh, they say-
bringing out the smile-

Monday, 6 February 2012

My favourite shoes

I've got... 9 pairs of shoes
in scattered destinations
Two I'm not sure on and one I didn't count
another isn't listed but the first in any doubt;
number 2 is a friend
young yet good still somehow,
4 is full of laughter-
two evenings of the whiskey matrix master,
5 I probably loved,
to this day strangely
but never the same.
6 buried me with deceitful size and comfort,
whilst 3 & 7
I threw away without a glance
and 8, strange, exciting 8
I miss but never had, only for a mate.
So here is 9
the beautiful and happy
not quite eternal but with
endurable souls.