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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The barble and the Garbfish

"Not I"
"Not me"
said the Barble and the Garbfishy!
"It must be her!"
"The cat!"
and there she sat,
oh so fat devouring the poor little rat-
(subsequently, Ratty squeeled
"it could be worse, your skin could be getting peeled!"
and Barble bubbled and bloated
whilst old Garb he giggled and gloated
"It could be worse, we could be a rat!"
-"no, no" said Barble "a cat,
who must dine on a rat,
to get so fat,
I'd rather anything but that!"
and they both did roar,
until they stopped roaring that is).

"Silly mog, it's time to work!"
and with twink of her second left whisker down,
the place began to drown,
"spinn spannn spick spock"
(she purred)
"What a devious feline you've got!"
(the rodent eeked),
Old Poseidon let the Dolphins loose,
who played chess with a portrait and stole a goose!
Whilst Barble battled a belly dancing jelly fish,
hanging on to a genie granted a pig it's final wish
and Garbfish swam
the deadly mile of hangerclam-
but all too soon...
The doorbell zapped them all
and so the dust fell from the wall
and so it was ready for the call
from their relatives...

"To dinner my dear"
"To tea indeed"

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