Leafy Bones

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The rolling twenties

I'm in love with a sailor
who cruises deadly swamps,
his eyes are scarce under his eyelashes
though big as the pools he plunders,
so I can't tell what he is thinking
whilst his lips move or cease to part.

I'm in love with a sailor
who has emptied my heart,
of it's liver, of it's guts, of its frost bitten blood.
In place there is dewy bark,
of my ever complicated woods-
but like the rain forests drenched in sun
the floor is an eclipse of it's stature.

I'm in love with a sailor
who rids me of all life,
and I am to live
as ever in the darkness of knights.
Dear traveller I cannot see you so far off,
my eyes are over age
for the dreams you left me to lead
me, in that other universe...

but without them,
what, without them?
Shelves of ideas of words of numbers of
realities that drain lemons
to make bitter lemonade.

Happy New Year :) DVerse Poets and The Poetry Palace poets too x


  1. emptied of all...a woods growing inside ever complicating...nice touches...i like the opening repitition as it makes it a little sing song even with the darker emotions...

  2. powerful and dramatic,
    love the personalized tale.

  3. love the repition in the poem and the imagery.

  4. sad, being in love with a sailor is hard, since he travels a lot.

    have faith,
    best wishes.
    love your powerful descriptions,

    Happy Rally.