Leafy Bones

Thursday, 12 January 2012


I have faith in you,
I see, I know, I believe in you;
but why is it those who have faith in what they see
always seem to regret it later,
and those of you have faith in higher places
will never know.

I have faith in me,
no guides or spirits make me see
that this life should count as much
as any eternal moment I will ever have,
I have faith in me.

But sometimes I'm irreversibly wrong,
and rude and disappointing and even weak.
I say I believe but it's just to keep me going,
keep me knowing that if there is nothing left for my bones
when they have sung their last crack
they'll be none the wiser than I am in that moment.

Faith in nothing,
faith in anatomy and logics that keep me to the ground-
soon I'll be in it,
and that's all there is to it,
to keep me believing in nothing
but all the beauty I see.

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