Leafy Bones

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

An atom

The pockets of the lab coat
spread out the walls
to that one laid
The room is cream
and the bed brown,
the hair red
as the eyes green.
As far as opposites
the machine's in my heart.

I brought it
to tie it
to creep the darks
and shut the solitude
into one evolutionary
surviving anatomy,
but maybe the fittest fall
for a finer tune.

I got on a bicycle

I have you in the front lobe
curving and grinding,
I have it like something sweet,
as I was,
and I got on a bicycle
an felt the same.
But it wasn't you I remembered
but me.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


For your own benefit,
let me love you.


Can you know?

She knew, knew, knew so well
well as the ocean
she'd fall her halves
till she'd known.

and it'd been done

For your decision

its not to be spoken,


like serpent feet-
hardly at all their...

smiles in the Evergreen.

I make clay faces

I make clay faces,
there not big
not small
not anything,
because I make clay faces.

I'd paint garden benches
and put them in your kitchen,
sew your jeans
and put the kettle on.

But I make clay faces
washing away to stone,
made of my own,
grey, white, terracotta,
no mouths- nor eyes.
Just Hands.