Leafy Bones

Monday, 17 October 2011

Running shoes doorstop

Salt away my sorrow
Till I forget the past completely,
I don't remember the love
The lived or you,
But pains still burrows
Unloading empty casket.
To be free of you
Would to be free from myself,
My movement as placid in this dim place
Is still more than I ever dared venture.
I am lost, lonely and in love again,
Life stuck on the conveyor belt
Waiting to extend to new roads.
How do I defeat the old with the new
When opportunity rushes ahead?

I dream of ease rather than fortune,
Of accomplishment rather than gain,
And as I often dither
I gaze upon my running shoes,
That time of year again,
To pick up, start off and train
For the new game,
And give myself a head start.

Will I bare the snow as well,
As when last winter fell?
Will I steam through dusk
To find springs of day,
Will the branches bare
To travel me a new way.

Friday, 14 October 2011

From my window

From my window
I find the winds dust,
greying up my view with every dusk,
it stains and grows mould,
to be wiped and do over again,
whilst my reflection grows old
and the seasons grow cold.

Window to window,
the world and I
looking on each other
as we slowly slip
through wherever we fall,
the tireless movement.

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Sweet heart you lay me,
And I can't hear the streets,
Every specter dissolves to
Blue nectar

I am foreverly canal knots
To timid for the bow.
If I open my eyes
Will the skies
Be sour?

I am in debt
For taking the sapphire
Flames to admire
Atlantis beckons in sweet hearts.


Here's some spoken word for http://promisingpoetsparkinglot.blogspot.com/ I hope you enjoy it :)

Okay, this is my first attempt at this poem out loud and at filming so forgive me if you will if it's a bit off :) I will be performing tomorrow at Liverpool Poetry Slam, if I don't freeze up of course ;)

You can see the written poem on this post http://strangemouth.blogspot.com/2011/10/diversity.html

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Old Nelly

Old Nelly so blue
hasn't the notes to do
some say she's a one hit wonder
but she knows she's made of thunder
singing those sad chord days,
she plays her jazz in new ways.

Old Nelly play the nose,
ring out the sax
and soak the audience with your hose,
stamp them with the facts,
Old Nelly's back!


I was born out of a number,
Faces defining my world,
and I've always been inclined to cumber
the distress I witness at this berth
against the figure.

Yes, the figure that is and is not,
because I have no culture, no heart, nor home.
I am something light tricks to be, an illusion of diversity,
the colour of your teething bone,
the greatest profanity
being humanity,
I am much less-the unfortunate- the unknown.

Words are nothing without your lips,
and spite can't see without some tongue.
So being human cannot reason
without some puncture to the lung.

If there is a God he is not here,
the reliance of invisibility
is one to me
an unintelligibly cowardliness of fear.
You want the air, to take care of what you said was your own will.
You want new souls to suffer for an ancient bill.
You want me to stand and say I am sorry for something I haven't done,
when you're the one,
who is ticking the times tables incorrectly.

Today will be tomorrow and soon after the great past,
If you don't want history
to be seeded in misery
then you should stand out and make it last.

I was born out of a number,
mathematically spiralled into life,
and so far I still find it a struggle
to understand the joy of waking.

To be born is to be alone,
To live is to be surrounded,
To die is to be free,
but for that you must work first.

And I don't barter with this curse,
if there is nothing- I may as well exist a little first.
But what I can't compose is how I see these faces,
where others separate by numbers, words and races,
I only see one in the mirror:


This is my entry for the DVerse Poets Open Link Night (http://dversepoets.com/) Hope you enjoyed reading it if you stumbled upon me, check out some of the other poetry by following this link http://www.blenza.com/linkies/links.php?owner=dversepoets&postid=09Oct2011

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Musics On

Like the common thread we sew
of the ink running through my torso
like the common waves rise
to make the cliff crashing demise
that laps them back to the sea,
You and me,
the worlds biggest profanity
whispering shell oceans
and paint splattered commotions
the artist plays
on the canvas ways

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

KiddieKat Crawl

Pitter Patter kitty's natter,
meow on the wall
eight to go after the fall-
what a whisker risk-er!
And such a minxy tinker!
The paws at the door
straight to the cupboard crumb
sneaky biscuits for the tum,
and into the hall a cry "Mum!-
What's for dinner?"


Thank you for all the encouraging comments yesterday :)

They are all much appreciated.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

As I walk amongst you all

I have a confession.

It's about time and what it meant,
it's about memories and how they are spent,
it's the truth and the truth is
that I am clueless.

And for all these things
tumbling away,
I didn't secure my own mask first...

I don't vaguely remember if either or any of us
were saved,

or if I am here
or if I am there,

I opened the book
and fell defeat
a little oozing animal,

So sweetly delicate
cast upon me-
this disarray.