Leafy Bones

Monday, 17 October 2011

Running shoes doorstop

Salt away my sorrow
Till I forget the past completely,
I don't remember the love
The lived or you,
But pains still burrows
Unloading empty casket.
To be free of you
Would to be free from myself,
My movement as placid in this dim place
Is still more than I ever dared venture.
I am lost, lonely and in love again,
Life stuck on the conveyor belt
Waiting to extend to new roads.
How do I defeat the old with the new
When opportunity rushes ahead?

I dream of ease rather than fortune,
Of accomplishment rather than gain,
And as I often dither
I gaze upon my running shoes,
That time of year again,
To pick up, start off and train
For the new game,
And give myself a head start.

Will I bare the snow as well,
As when last winter fell?
Will I steam through dusk
To find springs of day,
Will the branches bare
To travel me a new way.

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