Leafy Bones

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I was born out of a number,
Faces defining my world,
and I've always been inclined to cumber
the distress I witness at this berth
against the figure.

Yes, the figure that is and is not,
because I have no culture, no heart, nor home.
I am something light tricks to be, an illusion of diversity,
the colour of your teething bone,
the greatest profanity
being humanity,
I am much less-the unfortunate- the unknown.

Words are nothing without your lips,
and spite can't see without some tongue.
So being human cannot reason
without some puncture to the lung.

If there is a God he is not here,
the reliance of invisibility
is one to me
an unintelligibly cowardliness of fear.
You want the air, to take care of what you said was your own will.
You want new souls to suffer for an ancient bill.
You want me to stand and say I am sorry for something I haven't done,
when you're the one,
who is ticking the times tables incorrectly.

Today will be tomorrow and soon after the great past,
If you don't want history
to be seeded in misery
then you should stand out and make it last.

I was born out of a number,
mathematically spiralled into life,
and so far I still find it a struggle
to understand the joy of waking.

To be born is to be alone,
To live is to be surrounded,
To die is to be free,
but for that you must work first.

And I don't barter with this curse,
if there is nothing- I may as well exist a little first.
But what I can't compose is how I see these faces,
where others separate by numbers, words and races,
I only see one in the mirror:


This is my entry for the DVerse Poets Open Link Night (http://dversepoets.com/) Hope you enjoyed reading it if you stumbled upon me, check out some of the other poetry by following this link http://www.blenza.com/linkies/links.php?owner=dversepoets&postid=09Oct2011


  1. nice...hot piece...some great wordplay and flow to this...def spoken word material...yes we may be numbers but the human is the part that should be seen...like the message in this...

  2. You have an exceptional voice in this piece, which seems both a proclamation of identity, and a philosophical appraisal/indictment of the way it is. First and second to the last stanzas were very striking to me. Fine poem.

  3. fun philosophy.

    loved reading through it.
    humans are what we share, actually, the universe is ONE, we human must embrace animals, plants, air and outer space as well..without those, humans ourselves are dry and can barely survive.

  4. there are some bleak truths in this, but i very much like your message. I think, like Brian, that this would make a strong spoken word piece. Some times it is left to the poets to point out the hard truths no one wants to see.