Leafy Bones

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Underground

This vacuum
of empty face,
trickles condensation
of empty smiles,
foreign tongue points
and at last a happy mouth
on aluminium stairs,
as the light descends
my reflection.


  1. Really like this. Love how it can be read a number of ways, including the title and it's relationship. That's really a big accomplishment for a shorter work. Great job. Thanks

    1. nice..i like too...the focus on the mouth through out is really cool...one of the most visibly expressive parts of the face, along with the eyes...maybe easier than looking in the eyes you know...smiles.

  2. nice..i like..esp. the closure picture with the light descending your reflection...sometimes we just need a bit of light to feel human again..and i also like that you can read it in various ways..leaving lots of space for interpretation