Leafy Bones

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ideas vs knowledge

I'm going to drop
wearing nothing but a paper helmet
I made just now,
when I crash the water
I'll sail my hat
like a slumbering bat.
I'll grow deaf
and dehydrate from loving leeches,
my sponged sight
will drench in world.


  1. Drenching in world sounds pretty interesting. This is a very original poem with vivid images. Seems to me that there's a kind of freedom in starting so fresh--but one would have to be very brave (as you are here) to try for it. K.

  2. might want to lay off the leaches a bit but i def would not mind sailing in one of those paper hats...we used to send them down the gutter...this was a fun one...

  3. Well, as long as those leeches are loving...

    This is really fun.

    I never know what I'll encounter when I click over to a new poetry blog, and this was a great experience for me, thanks!

    Off to slumber like a bat now, i guess... :)

    Well, maybe just ONE more blog... :)

  4. Really nice. Knowledge vs. Ideas. Very interesting. I've had numerous knowledge vs experience philosophical discussions, but the notion of when an idea becomes learned, or knowledge itself is fascinating. Love the way you explored the topic here. Great job. Thanks