Leafy Bones

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Little Riding

It niggles the gelatine bit,
tilted lids and slightly bit lower lip.
If I were to-
it would never end,
one moment delirium
is my larger,
the next I can't handle
a half.
Leave/ stay
I daren't.
So long distilled solitude
and your unrefined path,
I cannot care
but you pump the liquid so neatly
it's best to stick to the levelled cement,
ride out the wolfy.


  1. really nice roll to this, lows well...a bit surreal...i think i got it but i am no where near sure...ha

  2. I can't decide what I like best--the title, the first line, the last line or everything in between. This reminds me of Nicola Barker if she wrote poetry (maybe she does). I'm glad you do.

  3. One moment delirium... I can relate to that...that levelled cement is hard to navigate at times. Interesting write!

  4. Cool piece, I like the play on words here. Little Riding- Could mean the literal, and the poem does have a ride type vibe to it, little writing- a short poem, or piece of writing, which this also satisfies. Then I like the leave/stay, I daren't then two lines later you use the word unrefined- Fits perfectly- I use / and make up words, turn nouns into verbs, create conjunctions and so forth- well someone told me once that doing so is unrefined, so now that backstory is out of the way, you can see why I love the way this read for me. Thanks, great job.

  5. Internal monolog, verging on the surreal with a patina of riddle. You've set in play an intriguing concatenation of sounds and words whose mystery is its virtue.