Leafy Bones

Monday, 19 November 2012


My home is empty,
wherever I stand I'm blind.
I've never lived in this land.

Fifteen and I got to say yes to the first boy who asked,
two months later and I made him cry.
I could never understand why
they didn't want to get out of this place.

This is home?
'This is home',
I've never felt compelled.
I've always seen my area
as a place I simply dwelled.

It's not that I don't love those within this isle
It's just I'd hoped there was more to see.

But what person doesn't have a home?

Is it just me?


  1. Very heartfelt poetry! Keep writing...you write from the heart!

  2. Sorry I can't comment on your current poem over at dVerse. DisQus is Greek to me. If you used Blogger or wordPress, I could comment. Thank you for commenting on my poem. I read yours and it is very touching....but I don't get how Disqus works.

    1. Thankyou both, yeah DisQus seemed like a brilliant solution but it doesn't seem to be on the ball, my blogger wasn't working for me for a bit but it ended up being a combination of my computer & phone (oh technology!). I think I'm going to make a new site soon, get back to dVerse antics and reading more of your poetry.

  3. I can't comment either on your poem over at D'verse ~ I specially like the last stanza, short and crisp of lover's flame ~

  4. When I open up your RSS feed it throws up a ton of weird text, is the problem on my reader?
    jeux de flash

    1. I'm not entirely sure how it all works to be honest. I will be posting my poems back on this website though as this seems to work the best, I have been away travelling for a bit so haven't really been posting much writing so sorry if my website has been poorly managed I appreciate all your comments and look forward to reading some of your stuff too :)