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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Describing Brautigan

I tried to describe you,
but I ended up describing them all. Sideways on, face glances: my cheek's then the ceiling’s, reiterating the stars of your tongue.
Eye’s, lips- somehow all those colours and shapes can sound exactly the same. Individuality lies only in my memory, the inn keeper to your reflection. You couldn’t be more wrong, you couldn’t be more dealt with, yet it’s your’s I think of when I read this poem
that has no meaning to me at all.


This poem is inspired by another by Brautigan called "I tried to describe you to someone" ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/emilyw_tbs/2193909590/ ).

I'll leave it at that- quite a few people have said they want to know more about what or where my poetry has come from before, so, it's not much maybe but I guess it gives more of an insight if you  want to read Brautigan as well, also just because he is another poet and might be worth a read :)

SM x

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  1. nice...some really great lines in this....the inn keeper of your reflection...this poem that has no meaning to me...def this tells more than it says...smiles.